Testimonials About Ashleigh:

“Ashleigh Beyer is a bright offering to our world. Her dedication to service and helping people find their bliss through health and balance is apparent in her every deed and word. B.E.S.T. is a formula to rekindle empowerment within each individual and Ashleigh is devoted to the pursuit of harmony for all. She shares her graceful gift with the ease and passion of a true healer.”-Suki Dalury, Owner Shree Yoga Taos

“Ashleigh is a true healer.”
-Alison Cramer, Creative Director Laughing Lotus NYC

“Ashleigh has been seeing me consistently for B.E.S.T. treatments for almost 5 years now. Ashleigh is sincerely committed to her own healing. She is a joy to work with. She has a great sense of humor coupled with a willingness to listen, learn and let go. Because of her devotion and earnestness to her own healing process, I have great faith and confidence in her ability to assist others in their own healing journey. She is truly ‘walking the walk.'” -Jennifer C. Moyer, Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner, New York, NY

Testimonials about B.E.S.T.:

“What is B.E.S.T.? I think the simplest answer would be feeling better.
Describing the technique in my opinion takes away from the service it offers, so rather than tell you what you would experience in the hands of your facilitator, I would rather share what you might experience under the surface of you own skin.  Subtle awareness of how your mind plays tricks on you, a realization of how quickly and dynamically things can change, and a deep knowing of the interconnectedness of all things at all times…and much more.  If you are considering B.E.S.T. allow yourself to say yes to the opportunity to feel as I like to call, BESTer.” -Genevieve Oswald, Owner Shree Yoga Taos

From Dr Wayne Dyer: